How to avoid wear eyeglasses (Questions and Answers)

As we catch up with today’s advances in technology and technology, our children, our children, and our children are better equipped to live. A new generation of young people are coming up with glasses. So, for parents and for those wearing glasses. This week, we will discuss some of the eyeglasses and eyeglasses that you should know about, and what you should know about glasses.

Q. Young people, Children are more likely to wear eyeglasses. What are the reasons for this?

A. In terms of power of glasses, the number one thing is genetic. If a parent is able to subtract power, the children born to him also have negative power. Today, however, children are less likely to look away from the road. They look at the computer because they see it. Look at the laptop. I play games. They browse the Internet from their tiny phones. I play games. So when they were watching so close, they slowly became more distant.

In Japan, in Singapore, 70% of all young people in their country wear glasses. Because they have vision inside the walls. It is a poor viewing distance. What they are doing is staying in front of the computer all day. I play games. I look at the computer. When looking at a screen like this TV, they slowly fade away.

The other is that you do not want to wear your son or daughter with glasses. But when the child was unclaimed, the child came to power again, and the children were wearing glasses.

As the country’s system evolves, more children will need eyeglasses. You can’t stop your kids from playing games. This is the problem that every parent faces. They are the fruits of the present system, and they cannot be stopped. Otherwise, they will be left with other children. For that, we have to educate.

Q. Can sunglasses be removed after a while? Or will you have to go all the way?

A. In the nature of eyeglasses, if you have a fixed-distance lens with negative power, then only the power will increase. 18-year-old boy, 20-year-old boy 18-year-olds, depending on girls and age. The power will increase until it reaches 20, so it cannot be reduced. So you have to eat a lot of fruits in your lifestyle as a child. Eat three of the three books. If you eat a diet rich in minerals, you can keep your energy levels going.

Q. Some people wear glasses and take medicine to get rid of them. Can I remove the eyeglasses and remove them?

A. There is no cure for prescription eye drops.

Q. Parents and their children should be careful not to wear eyeglasses. Please tell me what to avoid

A. To avoid the day-to-day activity of them. This means that you cannot sleep when you read. I can’t read in the dark. No mosquitoes read in the mosquito net. Riding in a car I can’t read on the train. When watching TV, you have to put your eyes straight. Do not leave the TV in the dark. It would be nice if parents could adjust their children to avoid getting too close to the light.

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