The last man of Htaron dwarf ethnic in northeast Myanmar

The Htarons are the only people who live in the frozen Himalayan foothills of northern Kachin State in northern Burma, which is extremely rare in Myanmar and in the world.

Htarons originally lived in the Himalayas in Nepal and India, and hundreds of years ago, they entered the peak of Putao. The area is not only interesting to the little people but also to the strangers, because of the dense forest and the federal and Shibdee breeders, but hardly any strangers.

The Htarons was so remote that it did not reach any other people, and for many years, the size of the body gradually became smaller, and today its height is only 4 feet and 3 inches. The hippies make their living mainly by hunting and sometimes selling rare medicinal plants, such as shingles (6-month-old 6-month-olds), to the city.
According to the 1960 census, there are still more than 50 people left, but according to a 1997 survey by the Kachin Peace and Development Council, only eight were left.

At 2003, from the University of California, USA, Dr. P. Christiaan Klieger record, only three of his men and his aunt and wife were seen in the picture.

At present there is no woman. After the child was no longer there, the next generation was sure to disappear completely. However, as a Kodaw, our tram people still have their own ethnic groups in China, on either side of this mountain range. One day, I concluded that I would cross this mountain and find my family.


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