Thousands of people have come to Reed Lake since New Year’s Eve

Thousands of visitors, both local and foreign, have entered the Reef Lake, which is situated at a foot of 30,000 feet above sea level, in the heart of Chin State, according to governor.

“The local and foreign guests since December, around Christmas Day across the rains. A foreign guest in India’s Mizoram’s land where there are a lot of guests. They responded with cars and motorcycles. On the other hand, is visiting the country. There is a day for three or four hundred overnight guests, but two hundred and three hundred. Motorcycle, express delivery Guest ENTIRE I can become thousands of visitors a day. The hotel and restaurant are in the transaction, “he said.

Aung Aung said there were three standard hotels and three standard guest accommodations in Reed Lake area. Riyadh Lake is one of the top places of Chin people and Chin people in Chin state. It is a place of prayer. They visit each year as a place to rest and the spirits of their relatives.

The unique feature of Reed Lake is that every year around Christmas Day, the water in the lake becomes red as blood.

Local and foreign tourists traveling to the lake in Chin state are traveling through Kalay Township in Sagaing Region and busing more than 80 miles per day by bus. Own car They travel by motorcycle and motorcycle.


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