Chaung Thar Beach is not far from Yangon

This is the season of March, the opening of March. Sunday, weekends and holidays. Ayeyarwady Region, if a family goes to Chaung Thar beach in Pathein Township. A group of local and foreign tourists are on vacation in the country. It is packed with tourists.

Local holidaymakers leave for short trips to the capital, as well as the Chaung Thar, not far from Yangon. Money, Money There are also vacationers in the coastal areas, such as Laputkone. We have seen a large influx of foreign tourists.

Chaung Tha Beach is a good beachside location and is only 150 miles away from Yangon and only about five hours drive by the Yangon-Pathein highway, so it is a time-saving and well-known beach resort. You can also visit Pathein and visit the historic Pathein Shwe Maw Done Pagoda, as well as the traditional Burmese Patisserie and the famous Pathein and Thayatti breads as gifts.

Beach location and places to visit

Pathein Chaung said express delivery Once at the beach in a nice recreational area as well after the cold air is very fresh. To see Chaung Thar choose the beginning of a visit to the vast blue sea and captured the hearts of the guests. Another difference from a hot air Share, so those who visit the beach resort of relaxation, you’ll get a bit of a factor, domestic. Most tourists prefer to sit on the sandy beach. Coconut water Indeed, the feeling of listening to the shrieks of the shrimps and the whirlwinds of the blue sea and the blue waters of the sea is a source of great joy to the beholder.

The water is flowing. Biking and beach photography; Water players; With the Banana boat crew, this Saturday On a weekend getaway, the beach is located on Sandy Phyu Island, not far from Chaung Tha Beach. Including siblings and Chaung camp rock Chaung Village in fish farming. You can also visit many observers to local knowledge Truly. Moreover, Chaung village to study the lives of great beach fishermen tourists from Chaung Thar hour driven powder and a contest You can also visit by motorcycle.

Also, there are four wheeled bikes on the beach in Kyauk Maung Maung. For those who enjoy riding a bicycle or riding a bike, you can enjoy the beauty of the Chaung Thar beach while enjoying the hiking trails.

Accommodation and transportation

However, it is a well-known beach on the Chaung Thar beach and is one of the most popular tourist destinations. When it comes to the seasons, If you are visiting on a big day After booking a hotel, it is also convenient for tourists to visit. There are several hotels along the beach and a hotel on the side of the road from Chaung Tha. In Morocco and lodging accommodations are available. Small beach village lifestyle of the local villagers or if you want to study the small Wow per Chaung village grandfather can stay in cheap lodging houses. The prices are very few people staying per thousand depending on the number of tons of accommodation Powered by hotel is also a large beach area.

The most popular holiday period in the Chaung Thar beach area is the traditional Burmese festival, which is about the time of the holiday. As a foreigner, you can stay at home and stay. Hotel for rent You also need to connect motors in advance.

Communication is becoming the go also Chaung Thar transportation, which is a nice beach area with a large travel bag on vehicle movement can visit and choose their own vehicles from Yangon. If Chaung Thar is only about 150 miles from the road because respects Chaung Thar. If you commute to the price of passenger cars is only about Kyats 15,000 to Kyats 18,000 less travel cost rate of why I want to visit the country. Also, it Chaung travel low budget. There’s also an overnight stay for two days and Kyats 15,000 also.

Food in the Chaung Tha Beach

“On public holidays, many tourists come. After the school exams, more tourists come to the beach. Now it is open season. There are no tourists at the beach. It is always popular. “There is also a lot of jobs for the locals. There is no shortage of jobs for the locals. Customers can buy fresh seafood. A resident of Chaung Thar Beach said.

The most famous local food on Chaung Tha Beach is Prawn Kangaroo and Prawn Fish and crab salad is a special treat for those who like seafood and crab, especially for the beach, which is popular with seafood and local fish and shrimps. Seaweed salad Shower Marble Fried fish It is also possible to buy fresh seafood at local shores, as well as fresh fish from the shores of the coastal villages. Dry fish and shellfish can also be bought as a gift.

In fact, Chaung Thar Beach is an area not far from Yangon, either during the government holiday or during a short holiday. Whether it is a long weekend or a vacation, be it with your family or with your family. The beach, which is full of unmatched natural beauty, is inviting people to come and visit with friends and friends. It is surrounded by foreign tourists.


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